Sapphire (Clear Braces)

Invisible Braces
When seeking orthodontic treatment, the word "invisible" has rarely been used to describe braces.  Until recently, the only two options for brackets, the main components of braces, were made from metal or cloudy ceramic material.  Because tooth enamel varies in shade, translucency, and color, cloudy ceramic braces may not blend perfectly with your teeth.

Pure Sapphire 
These braces are different. They are made from pure sapphire, a material second only to diamonds for hardness, clarity, and brilliance.  The braces are crystal clear and virtually disappear on your teeth.  Offering you the esthetic of a translucent jewel while ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability that Dr. Cohen demands. This is a beautifully clear choice for Orthodontic treatment.

A beautiful smile gives you confidence, and that confidence is seen by others.  Regardless of your choice of treatment , treatment itself will change your life for the better.  Whether it's the self-assurance that comes with a great smile or the improved health that comes with a perfect bite, Orthodontic treatment is a great investment for yourself.

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