The greatest compliment is the referral of a family, friend, or colleague! If you know I’ve done a good job, and you know of someone who can also benefit from my services, please do put me in touch! Thank you for your trust!

September, 2014

Dr. Cohen and his team have made us feel comfortable from our very first consultation. Not only are they incredibly professional, but they also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that puts our children at ease for every appointment.  Both Mackenzie and Caden are just at the beginning of their orthodontic journeys, and in the few short months that we have been working with Dr. Cohen we are already seeing some wonderful results in both of their smiles. We would like to thank Dr. Cohen and his team for making us all feel like part of the "family".

Warm regards


May, 2014

Dr. Cohen and Friendly Staff:

After meeting with several orthodontists we decided to go with you Dr.Cohen because of your long time experience coupled with your straight forward no nonsense and professional demeanor. As an added bonus we experienced your staff to be consistently friendly and professional. Most importantly over the past 24 months you and your staff have managed to do an incredible great job on straightening Athena’s teeth and creating for her a beautiful smile. To fully appreciate your work one has only to peruse Athena’s before and after pictures.

Konstantin and Athena

March, 2014

Dear Dr. Cohen and Yvette,

Thank you for making my teeth straight and perfect! You guys are the best Orthodontist office in the world. Thank you for always welcoming me in and booking my appointments. It's been two years together (a good two years).

Love the G Family

January, 2014

Dr. Cohen

Thanking you for my beautiful smile and taking the time to make sure everything comes out not just great but PERFECT! Your Happy Patient,

Wendy G.

November, 2013

Dear Dr. Cohen & Staff,

We greatly appreciate your generous donation to our NSD fund. Thank you so much for your incredible support!

Landon and Family

July, 2013

Thank you for your expertise and support along my braces journey. Because of your work, I now feel confident about the way my teeth look and my new smile! Just can't thank you enough!

Melissa M.

October, 2012

Thank you Dr. Cohen for doing an amazing job on Daniel's teeth. He's smiling now finally! I'm seeing his teeth look beautiful. You are the best of the best. Many thanks forever!

Donna (Daniel's Mom)

October, 2012

Just a quick message to say thank you to you and your staff very much for your help over the last 18 months. I keep laughing when I look at the before and after pictures, great job! I had one of the most enjoyable experiences dealing with Dr. Cohen and his staff for 18 months. The service was always excellent and made the process very rewarding. Whether it was a flexible payment plan or flexible appointment dates, Dr. Cohen was always accomodating and understanding. Looking at the before and after pictures, have made me realize what a remarkable job was done to create a great smile! Tyrone N. April 2012 I am 32 years old and have hated my teeth most of my life. I finally found the courage to have them alligned. Dr. Cohen and his wonderful ladies did an amazing job. They also made the process enjoyable. We laughed so much that Dr. Cohen would often have to stop us just to get the work done. His office staff made me feel as if I was going in to visit friends. I have and will always recommend all my family and friends who require braces to Dr. Warren Cohen, he is by far the best in the biz :).


February 2012

Dear Dr. Cohen,

Today was a very exciting day when Emma's braces came off. She is thrilled with her beautiful smile. You are truly a magician with teeth! From the very first time we stepped into your practice, you all made us feel so welcome. You and your staff have always been so kind, caring and patient. Our sincere thanks to you for giving our children smiles they can be proud of.

Best wishes, Alana K

January 2012

Dr. Warren Cohen is the best! We have recently had 5 of our children with work done by Dr. Cohen, from age 10, all the way up to age 26. Although they may have been apprehensive of the procedures at first, Dr. Cohen quickly put them at ease, Which is important to us parents! the staff was wonderful. The kids are all thrilled with their new looks and beautiful smiles! Thank you, Dr. Cohen!


August 2011

Dr. Cohen and Staff Through all the broken wires, and forgetting to wear our wires and elastics and eating things we should'nt you and your staff have always managed to make us leave with a smile on our faces. The last three years have been well worth it. All the best and we will see you when our younger brother begins his treatment....

Sincerely, Tyler & Evan

March 2011

Dr. Cohen:

Just a note to say thank you for your kindness. Dr. Cohen, you are the best orthodontist I have ever had.

Thank you, David

September 2010

Dear Dr Cohen and the entire staff:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work and do my co -op assignement in your Orthodontic practice. This was my first experience of being in a work place and I learned the importance of certain skills, but more importantly I learned the value of working as a member of a team. As well as learning specific skills I also gained a greater understanding of the need to be precise, co-operative and responsible. As a result of my experience with you, I gained a credit for my presentation. I enjoyed working with you very much and hope to sometime meet up with you again.

Sincerely Wendy

April 2009

Dr. Cohen and Staff:

Thank you so very much for my beautiful smile ( I always knew I had it in me). I'm beside myself with gratitude. Well, words sometime say too much and sometimes not enough. I'll keep it simple.

Thanks to everyone, Jacqueline

February 2009

Dr. Cohen and Staff:

We would like to thank you for the excellent care Andre received. Although there were times Andrew wanted to give up, we think he now appreciates all you did. Your patience and attention to detail and perfection is commendable. Your staff was always pleasant and greeted us with a smile and tried to accommodate us when arranging Andrew's appointments. Your dental staff was very professionaal and helped to humour Andrew along. Stay well and thanks again.

Jane & Andrew

November 2008

Dear Dr. Cohen and Staff:

Thank you very very much for giving me a beautiful smile! Your tender care, consideration patience and attention is very much appreciated. We wish you and all the staff at your office good health, happiness, peace and success in the future. From Valerie & family

April 2008

To Dr. Cohen and Gang:

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful smile. It made it a lot easier to smile the day of the wedding. Thank you much.

Jeff & Brandy

June 2007

To Dr. Cohen and Team: Thank you for the excellent quality of your work, for your dedication and professionalism. We are very happy with the results.


January 2007

Thank you Dr. Cohen and Staff for the wonderful care you have given our three children over the years.!!


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